Fort Myers Police Foundation donates life saving equipment to FMPD

FORT MYERS, Fla. (Oct. 20, 2016) – The Fort Myers Police Department recently received $22,759.39 from the Fort Myers Police Foundation to purchase additional equipment for its Meggitt Training Simulator.

The Foundation purchased the Meggitt FATS® L7 compact training simulator last June. The simulator effectively supports marksmanship and judgmental training needs of law enforcement, paramilitary and security personnel. The one-screen configuration includes both marksmanship training and video training modes to provide a multi-tiered program. The judgmental training enhances the understanding of shoot/don’t shoot situations and the corresponding decision making process.

The recently donated funds will be used to purchase additional equipment for the simulator including an M4 carbine rifle, virtual SA taser, chemical spray, flashlight and fill stations for refilling weapons.

“I appreciate the continued support from the Fort Myers Police Foundation and its efforts in helping provide equipment and resources to the men and women of the police department,” said FMPD Chief Derrick Diggs.

The system is capable of supporting training of multiple trainees simultaneously, using up to eight system controlled weapons, during judgmental video training, thus allowing them to engage in team training. During individual marksmanship training, the system emulates a gun range design that serves as a training environment where each trainee may shoot a different exercise, and in accordance with range safety/spacing guidelines, the system can support training of up to four trainees simultaneously.

“This additional funding will complete the purchase of all the accessories available for the FATS machine and provide the men and women of the Fort Myers Police Department more advanced training,” said FMPF Board Chair Paul Fratello. “We are extremely thankful to everyone who has donated to the Foundation through our annual golf tournament, awards dinner and private donations to make purchases of life saving equipment to the FMPD.”

The Fort Myers Police Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose goal is to help build a stronger bond between the community and its local police department. All funds raised by the Police Foundation go toward purchasing life-saving equipment for the Fort Myers Police Department and the community it serves. Since its formation in 2014, the Police Foundation has raised $150,000 that has gone toward purchasing medical kits for patrol cars, ballistic shields, electronic ear protection for shooting ranges and more.

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