FORT MYERS, Fla. (March 19, 2013) – Fort Myers-based Carrera Sports, a company dedicated to producing professional-grade baseball bats for professionals and amateurs, has released a new version of its BBCOR model.

The Carrera Prime™ is a new BBCOR-certified aluminum bat powered by BALANCETECH.

“Every player wants to make sure that his bat has perfect balance. and that is what we make at Carrera Sports®,” said Barbara Rodriguez, CEO of Carrera Sports®. “Manufacturers have been trying to develop a BBCOR bat that meets certification criteria while not producing the top heavy effects that many players and coaches have stated is their main concern.”

According to Rodriguez, the new patented end cap is designed with Texin 4215, the hardest thermoplastic material available. This ensures its light weight and increases the “ping” sensation players seek.

The new Carrera Prime® also includes ALLOY PXM1, an 
aeronautical-grade alloy that gives this aluminum bat an incredibly tough finish, without adding extra weight. A longer barrel also allows the sweet spot to be extended, giving players a much larger area for greater power. Finally, the TEXTURED TAC GRIP
 is a super ergonomic grip that makes the bat as comfortable in a player’s hand as it is fierce on the field.

The Prime BBCOR models start at $299.99

“Fort Myers’ Bishop Verot High School was the first school to use the new Carrera Prime®,” said Rodriguez. “The response from the players was great, and we are really proud to stand behind our motto of ‘if a professional can use a great quality product, so can anyone at any level.’”

“So far, with this bat, Bobby has hit two triples and one grand slam,” said Bishop Verot parent Bob Brennan of his son Bobby who plays for the Verot baseball team.

Rodriguez’s brother, Robert Coello, relief pitcher for Major League Baseball’s Los Angeles Angels, launched Carrera Sports® with her in early 2012. In the past year, Carrera’s sales have grown rapidly.

According to Rodriguez, Carrera® bats are in batting cages at all levels of play. The products are made for anyone who is serious about the game, from high school players to professionals, and the company is dedicated to delivering the same quality products used by professionals around the globe.

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Bobby Brennan

Bobby Brennan