Site aims at recruitment, showcasing team members from across the country including Southwest Florida


ESTERO, Fla. (Nov. 18, 2016) – Suffolk Construction recently unveiled its new corporate website at

The new, ground-breaking digital platform is a differentiating digital presence that will help the company achieve a number of strategic business objectives and shows off its forward-thinking innovation in the construction industry.

The aim was to deliver a digital experience far more innovative and forward-thinking than anything that currently exists while at the same time demonstrate Suffolk’s commitment to teamwork and evoke excitement and interest from prospective employees and customers alike to be a part of the organization.

To engage visitors and draw them into learning about all of Suffolk’s innovation and company culture, the site was built around company stories. Throughout the site, visitors will find employee testimonials, videos from Suffolk’s leadership and interactive success stories centered on Suffolk’s “Build Smart” series.

In addition to strong storytelling, Suffolk’s nationwide presence is shown through its various project locations using little “bites” that reveal information around the leadership, projects, roles and culture to attract the right candidates at the right locations.

“On this new site, visitors will find compelling ‘build smart’ success stories that demonstrate how our innovative technologies, tools and processes are adding value for clients,” said Daniel Antonellis, vice president of marketing and communications for Suffolk Construction. “You will also learn a lot about our people. We are proud of our team of high-performing and passionate professionals who take pride in our work and are committed to challenging the norm and thinking differently about the world around them.”

A number of Estero office team members are featured on the site including 27-year-old Florida Gulf Coast University graduate Corey Smith.

“Suffolk encourages me to stay involved in many volunteer organizations and even coordinates events for our entire office to participate in,” he states on the website. “This approach to giving back really does create a sense of comradery among Suffolk employees.”

The site also includes information on how Suffolk is transforming the construction experience on the most complex building construction projects in the country. Suffolk leverages the latest Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) and Lean Construction principles to enhance team-wide collaboration, eliminate waste and increase efficiencies on all of its projects. For example, virtual and augmented reality technologies are used to immerse clients in the building experience and identify any unforeseen issues before breaking ground.


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